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We are trapped in a cyber world. We must figure out how to escape to challenge the Soviets and return America back to the People!

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Hi, I'm Anna and this is my story
I'm a 16 year old girl. I live in the Pacific Northwest in a small Soviet controlled community.
If you're not aware... 25 years ago the Soviets launched simultaneous nuclear bombs on 4 US cities: DC, New York, LA, and Chicago. Over 3/4 of the US population died. The survivors live in small rural communities trying to make ends meet.
The Soviets control all natural resources, take our property, and strike fear is our hearts. My father, who was once a top engineer, is now a farmer, just trying to support his family. Air quality is horrible, people are still sick, and there is no nature.
A few weeks ago my world was turned upside down when I accedently teleported to a cyberworld. It turns out my father, the engineer, built a device to teleport top government officials (including President Kennedy) to a secure cyber world in preperation for a nuclear threat. Allen can tell you more of the details because he helped my dad build the device. BUT.. essentially the Russians hacked the Department of Defense's network and locked all of America's leaders in a virtual universe built for protection.
Sucks right?? Our plan is to hack back into the old US Arpa network and unlock the portal. Also while we control the network, we can also control each town's node. Nodes keep track of all Soviet Data, from harvest projections to citizen profiles. Our goal is to delete all Russian data. Then we can use the nodes to communicate with citizens across the US and mobilize a rebellion based on the leadership of our fearless leader President John F. Kennedy
BUT in order set this plan into motion, we need your help. Please send in any info you have on the nodes in your local community. How are they powered? Who Fixes them? Any information is helpful. Additionally, if you're living outside of the US, please send updates on your country's status. We'd love to form allies.

We aren't sure which nodes are still active. Please describe were you are and the status of your node and town.

This secure form will allow you to send us any relevant information.

And if you want to learn more about us you can read Allen's Story

Allen's Story

Also Dad, if you're reading, I'm so sorry and I'll be back soon. But Allen and I need your help to acctivate the portal.

Hello. I'm Allen.

Years ago I worked for the US Department of Defense. This was during the peak of US Soviet tensions. I worked on a top secret team that was building resilency networks with Arpanet.

One of our projects was called 'Refuge.' Refuge is a device designed to teleport an individual to a cyber universe where their bodies and souls could not be harmed. As long as the overall network was secure, anyone in the cyberworld's mind body and sould were safe. We were extremley confident that the network would survive any nuclear disaster. The plan was to take President Kennedy, VP Johnson, a few generals, and burecrats into the cyberworld for protection. Then they could reenter the US to take the offensive on Russia.

The network did survive the nuclear attacks as Anna mentioned. The officialls were transported effectively. However, the Soviets hacked into the DOD main network and took control of the device. They closed all connectivity between the cyber world and the real world, essentially locking us into this cyber universe.

We are physically okay. The cyberworld is lavish, comfortable, and secure, but it's not our home. Morale was high for a while but so many failures almost everyone gave up. I tried to figure out a solution for years but didn't even know if there was an outside world to return to, let alone the status of technical components of the Refuge system. That was until Anna appeared last week. Together we were able to build this secure connection to the outside world. Understanding the Russian systems is key to hacking into them. If anyone has any information I urge you, implore you to share it here.

Once we are able to gather enough information on the Soviet Systems we can try to hack into their systems, release the President, and execute a plan to destroy the Soviets.

This form is extremly secure and can not be tracked.

Learn about Anna's and the status of the US

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